Wine Bar & House of Bad Assery

Aviary has dedicated itself for ten years to be Ranked as one of the top wine restaurants in Austin.

Originally a design store with the idea of Creating a wine bar to compliment. Within our

first two years we became recognized as a Trend setter of fine design and local artisanal

furniture. As a decor store we received Countless awards and pats on the back

creating the confidence to move forward on The original idea of incorporating wine.

Our concept was simple, make people Comfortable and offer them the most unique

experience and they will return. Not only did we have one of a kind

furnishings and gift ideas but now we offered A curated wine list and small food items to

let people indulge while they shopped. Our Customers took to this quickly and the wine

became a fast growing new facet. The wine Began to take a life of its own and, very

organically, grew. Our list became more and More extensive and our food offerings were



THe Team

Marco Fiorilo, Owner/Partner
John Coronado, Partner/Culinary Director
Thomas Calhoun, Executive Chef
Leslie Higgs, Operations Manager
Alex Bell, Beverage Director

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