“I shall drink no wine before it’s time! OK, it’s time.” – Groucho Marx

For us, truer words have never been spoken.

Aviary saw its genesis in 2006 when lovebirds and world traveling wine enthusiasts, Marco Fiorilo and Shanna Eldridge, opened Aviary Shop & Lounge – a décor shop selling unique treasures and furniture pieces acquired from their travels abroad. 

After a time, Fiorilo and Eldridge married their two passions and added a wine element to their shop. The popular décor destination gained buzz as a prime hangout for the vino-inclined looking to generate their own buzz and a small, but lovingly crafted food menu was brought to life via hot plate by John Coronado.

Though the beloved décor shop enjoyed much acclaim for its trendsetting ways, internet shopping (Amazon/ – we’re looking at you) reared its ugly head and it became clear that Aviary’s true purpose should be dedicated to wining and dining.  Following a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, Aviary Shop & Lounge shuttered its doors in the spring of 2017. After months of renovations, negotiations, wine tasting, food tasting and numerous other activities involving “hard labor” (seriously though) Aviary reopened in the Fall as the full-service restaurant, Aviary Wine & Kitchen.

Now co-owned by both Fiorilo and Coronado, Aviary has become a veritable super group with the additions of Executive Chef, Andre Molina and Beverage Director, Alex Wheatley Bell. The team's knowledge of Aviary's extensive wine list and pairing-focused food menu will guide you through one of the best (hopefully of many) dining experiences of your whole damn life. 




Marco Fiorilo, Owner/Partner
John Coronado, Owner/Partner
Andre Molina, Executive Chef
Alex Bell, Beverage Director